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Selection principle

1, good uniformity and no crack-like appearance is the basic appearance of high-quality grinding wheel;

2, excellent  packaging and the bar code of anti-counterfeit  is the difference between the real goods and counterfeit goods;

3, the static imbalance of any value is the lower the better wheel, of course, the greater the difficulty of production;

4, the general rule of judging a good cutting and grinding wheel is the balance of it's sharpeness and durability.

5, for carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum material, glass stone, because of their tissue density and heat conditions are different, so you need to select different cutting/grinding wheels; for glass and stone, in the market there are special glass, stone cutting polishing tools; copper and aluminum materials and stainless steel solid material ,thinner or zirconia oxide based wheels are more suitable; on cutting carbon steel, stainless steel profiles (non-solid) requires use of high hardness, Some of the grinding wheel will greatly improve the life; but solid round bar, forging also requested the wheel in the hardness can not be too high, otherwise it will not cut .

6, if your demand for a certain product is large, but you can not find the suitable cut or grinding wheel, please not to hesitate to contact with our distributors,  we can provide you with  minimized the cost of abrasive products.

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